Level Design: well done genius!

So for starters, let me just explain my relationship with 3D level design. Its like a snowman trying to embrace a hot stove which undeniably would result in a miserable puddle of failure and befuddlement. And I’m the snowman’s nose, the carrot, lying in failure and befuddlement… Didn’t make sense? Yeah that’s the point.
I just can’t seem to get a good grasp of UDK, and when I do manage to do something, it’s rare that I remember how I did it if i need to to do it again… gah!

Ok, so confusion to the side, I took a really silly approach to this module, and that’s not doing it. No, not because I didn’t want to, but because I stupidly thought I wasn’t meant to start on my level yet and just went along with the tutorials in class. Clever. So, I’ve had a late start on this which doesn’t pair well with my perpetual battle with understanding UDK.

To start off, this is the plan of what the overall level will look like:


What its meant to look like is an overview of a cul-de-sac neighborhood of flats. But for some odd reason, there’s a little house at the top of the street (the pink block). So the atmosphere and look of the level is meant to be quite dull and dreary, the flats aren’t gonna look very flattering….yup. But the house will be somewhat adorable and brighter in color and light. If I have the time and skill, the lighting around the house will be brighter compared to the rest of the street.

The house itself is actually inspired by the lovely home of Carl from the Pixar animated movie Up. Unlike the surrounding flat buildings, you’re able to go into it and explore the interior (yay more work for me). This is where I’m focusing most of my skills on, adding 3D modelling and little poorly done interactions here and there.


First Floor


Second Floor

I also planned out the inside of the house; the second and first floor, which is loosely based on the Up house plans:

So here we go, lets see how I do with this… wish me luck…