Postponing the Inevitible

It’s coming to the point now where i will have to start getting more practical; I mean I should of been doing practical a long time ago… -sigh-
So what have I been up to?
Apart from being distracted by the unavoidable responsibilities at home and becoming a slight hindrance to my group -insert horrific sobbing here- I have at least set out my thoughts and plans in a more manageable approach. My google drive now holds my weekly plan of…weekly plans, which is a completely new experience for me for as you can see organizing is just not my forte, but its helped out a bit.
Onto the main subject, when I was planning out my puzzle, it was hard for me to articulate, to the point that drawing it out just didn’t help put it into perspective; I needed to know how it would work. What did I do? I tried making it. Now please don’t laugh, I’m not a clever bunny, in fact a rabbit would most likely out smart me, but I tried. Thankfully I had some card lying around my bedroom (yay for hoarders!) and some other bits and bobs to attempt this miniscule hopeless excuse of a contraption:

Tadaaaaa... Don't laugh! (Pardon the Hello Kitty Pj's)

Tadaaaaa… Don’t laugh!
(Pardon the Hello Kitty Pj’s)











As you can see here, the three wheels will not be entirely visible in the room, and still seem to take a lot of space. But that can be adjusted and corrected later on. It’s not anything special, but it gave me a better understanding of how it would roughly work. And so I went on to do a very basic drawing of it too:

I don't have the patience to detail right now

I don’t have the patience to detail right now

And to top it off, i did a little concept of what the outside of the building would look like:

Oh boy...

Oh boy…

The look of the building was inspired by pretty mineral rocks with their precise points and angles poking out at whatever direction they desire.

So where does this take me now? Modelling. I don’t have a huge issue with it, in fact, when i know what I’m doing, I enjoy it, and thus enjoying the result even more!
But in all honesty, I’m terrified. This module feels too big for me, like its more than a challenge. I can barely get a grasp of anything I do and needs to be done in UDK (and even 3DS). I get this helpless feeling, and I’m incredibly sorry to my group for being so weak in this subject. But i need to pull my socks up and try harder. Lets just hope I don’t f**k this up eh?
Wish me luck.


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