Scrolling Along

You might be thinking, “Gee that looks a lot like Gradius!” First off, since when do you say ‘gee’? and second, it sort of is! Parodius is a parody of the game Gradius, it has the same mechanics and features but with silly characters and references to Japanese culture, sexy bosses and accompanied by classical music. Now you might say “Why blog about Parodius instead of Gradius?” Well, because of it being a parody, there are differences in some interactions, that are also added, the environment and other features that keep the player entertained.
First off, as any typical side-scrolling shooter does, the ship has many upgrades that supports the player as they defeat the incoming enemies. With Parodius having different silly characters to choose from, each have their own style of upgrade. As seen as with the octopus, when upgraded he shoots out bubbles!
Much like Gradius, the player can maneuver past obstacles going up or down through different sections of the level. This adds a little variety to something that seems to be going only one way. The player also shoots through obstacles to make way.
Parodius has a bell that occasionally enters the scene which the player can shoot. Shooting it enough times changes the color and depending on the color will effect how it benefits the player when they collect it:
Red- More points
Green- The player and it’s mini helpers will grow and be granted invincibility for limited time.
White- Turn into a paper megaphone that shouts out phrases and Einsteins equation… which deals out more damage

I really like the environments and crazy themes in this game, and gives me something to reflect on with my own work as it’s not set in a typical outer space scene. And the music really adds to the energy and chaotic surrounding, so the player has no reason to feel bored, but is at risk for getting distracted.


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